Social Media, our window to talk to friends, share events, and find love. But there is a dark side much scarier than anything you could think of, and the new movie “Init!ation” tells all of its viewers exactly that.

     The movie begins at Whiton University, the main location for the whole movie. It immediately kicks off with a murder of the university’s star athlete. As their death was told all over the internet, another death happened, and another and another, all of them were not told who they were.

     As the deaths continued, it only left a handful of students alive. The students had enough, so they decided to try to find out who was committing the murders and why, but as they delved deeper into the rabbit hole, they uncovered a dark secret that the school had been hiding.

     The cast is perfect for this movie. Jon Huertas as a police officer, a good role for him as he played the role of a homicide detective for a multi season TV show. 

     During development, Bernardo, the movie’s director, created the movie as a class assignment while he attended the University of Southern California. The assignment was to create a short film that dealt with social change, so he decided to use social media.

     In conclusion, any viewers who want to have a spine chilling watching experience about social media, should check out Init!ation” in theaters.

     Scare Factor: 3/10 Screams

     General Rating: 8.8/10 Stars