For viewers who love Disney and Pixar movies, watch the newest Disney movie: “Soul.” 

        This movie follows 46-year-old Joe Gardener (Jamie Foxx), a middle school band teacher who gets a gig at the famous jazz club Half Note, playing aside from a very famous saxophone player Dorothea Williams (Angela Bassett). Right after Joe gets his gig playing at the Half Note, he falls into a manhole where he dies. His soul is sent to the “Great Beyond,” which is a cosmic foyer with a long walkway, where souls lineup before heading towards a white light. But he does not think he is ready to go just yet, so he flees in the other direction, falls off the walkway, and ends up in a brightly colored, yet still-purgatorial zone known as The Great Before. 

        When Joe travels down to The Great Before, he meets Terry (Rachel House). Terry tells Joe that the purpose of the Great Before is to mentor fresh souls so that they can discover a "spark" that will drive them to a happy and productive life down on earth. When Joe gets the soul that he has to mentor, he gets soul 22 (Tina Fey), who is one of the hardest souls ever. 22 thinks life is pointless and you do not get anything out of it. She also does not know who she is or who she wants to be.

        The only way 22 can go into the world is if she finds something that she likes. Joe and 22 made a deal. When 22 finds what she likes, she will give Joe the badge so he can go back to his body on earth. The first thing Joe tries to show 22 in order to pique her interest is how to play the piano, but it doesn’t work. So they both head over to the hall of everything, where they go through a lot to find something that 22 would like. Still, they can’t find anything.

        Since 22 couldn’t find something she likes, she and Joe travel through a secret tunnel to find a place where they could get Joe back to his body. They meet Moonwind (Graham Norton) who knows everything about lost souls. Joe asks Moonwind if he can get him back to his body in time for his gig at the Half Note, and Moonwind says yes. When Moonwind helps Joe get close to his body, Joe just jumps, hoping he lands into his body. When he jumps, he accidentally knocks 22 into the hole with him. When Joe wakes up, he believes that he is in his body, but he wasn’t. Instead, he was in a cat's body and 22 was in his.

        Since 22 is in Joe’s Body and Joe is in a cat's body, they need to find Moonwind so he can help them get back to their bodies. They find him on the street spinning a sign. They ask him how to get back to their real bodies. He tells them that they have to wait until 6:30 before they can get back to their bodies. So they go on a long trip just doing anything and trying to make it seem like Joe isn’t going crazy. When they are doing everything they can to get Joe’s body ready for his gig, 22 finds her spark. Her spark is to appreciate the little things in life and to just enjoy life it’s self. 

        For people who love a good twist at the end of movies, watch “Soul.” The ending of the movie is so good it will bring a tear to the viewers’ eyes. It opens the eyes of people and shows how life is, even if life has its ups and downs. I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars and this movie can be seen on the Disney Plus app.