The Lady Warriors made a great effort to succeed and go farther than they have before and it was shown through their past work this season. They started practicing in October and have made gradual efforts training their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses since then.

     “Our goal for  the season was to give our best in practice, games and most importantly in the classroom,” head coach Stacy Mitchell said. 

     Their work ethic is on display not only on but off the court as well and it is being reflected in their game winning scores and semester grades. This season they had an impressive win to loss ratio of 12-8.They were constantly polishing their skills and book smarts and proving they can be a double threat. 

     “We had a very successful young team that had only one senior. The young ladies worked hard and were very positive,” Mitchell said.

     A big part of sports in high school usually revolves around the upperclassmen and their overall knowledge and experience in their sport. However, the Lady Warriors proved that the high school experience isn't always a necessity and passion might just play a bigger role.

     “We are very proud of how our Lady Warriors completed this season, and we are excited about the future and the hard work our underclass women have displayed both in the classroom and on the court,” Mitchell said.