The Warren Central Warriors played against their rival team, the Carmel Greyhounds, at Carmel High school on Feb. 19. Previous games between the Warriors and the Greyhounds have been up and down, but last season the Warriors won. The Warriors practice six days a week to prepare themselves.

     “Preparing the team for the mental toughness part of the game is what I have been working on. Being a student of the game and learning from past mistakes,” coach D’Andre Davis said.

     Every team has its strengths and weaknesses, but this year the Warriors are working hard to win against their rivals again.

     “The team plays hard and wants to win every game. Our weakness is playing together on both sides of the ball and trusting one another,” Davis said.

     Winning is an important part of the game to every team, but so are things like growth and keeping up their spirit.

     “They understand the challenges that are in front of them and ready to face them head on,” Davis said.

    Overall, the Warren Central Warriors were confident about the upcoming game against their rivals.

     “Play together and have fun. Be one unit, defend and rebound,” Davis said.

     Unfortunately, the Warriors lost the game with a score of 56 to 47. The team played hard and did their best which is the important part of the game.