The pandemic has changed all of our lives significantly and people are scrambling to educate themselves on it. When this happens, there is bound to be lots of rumors and false information that spreads quickly; as people do not really know what to believe. Whether you heard it from a shady website, Instagram, or a friend, it is likely not all of it is proven. This list will disprove most false rumors and information about COVID-19, and help educate people on the matter. Continue reading for more information.

     Falsity #1- “Face Mask Exemptions exist.” If someone is refusing to wear a mask and they show you a slip of paper or document that states they are exempt from wearing a mask, it is guaranteed that it is fake. Face mask exemptions do not exist, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

     Falsity #2- “Vitamins and mineral supplements can fight COVID-19.” If you have heard from someone that COVID-19 is curable by using things such as vitamins and mineral supplements, do not listen to them. While vitamins and supplements can be beneficial to your immune system in fighting off certain viruses and bacteria, it is not proven to cure COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization. 

     Falsity #3-  “COVID-19 can be spread through water or while swimming.” COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through water while swimming, however it is transmitted through close contact with an infected person. This means that while you can still swim, be sure to keep your distance from fellow swimmers, according to the World Health Organization. 

     Falsity #4- “COVID-19 is caused by bacteria.”  Coronavirus falls in the category of a family of viruses called Coronaviridae, and viruses cannot be cured by antibiotics. The moral of the story here is do not use antibiotics to help against coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization.