Greetings Warrior Nation!  My name is Candy Handy and I am the Physical Education and Health Department Chair, I-health virtual instructor and Great lover of all things hype! I would like to talk about the changes that have taken place this school year and how it has affected school life as we know it now.

     I am very thankful that MSD Warren came up with options for our students and their families when Covid struck!  The hybrid model lessened our class sizes and cut the number of students in the building almost in half on any given day.  This has played a huge role in Social Distancing and our students have done a great job with wearing their masks (and wearing them correctly!)  An all virtual option was also offered for those families who were not ready to make the jump back into the building, and who doesn’t love options?

     I am not going to lie though, it has been a little challenging going from “in-person” teaching to virtual teaching!  Not having kids in person is kind of like having an ice cream cone without the ice cream!  You know what I mean?  (A little dry!) But then again, I have learned a great deal about my students, their families, their pets and how they live life at home!  As an instructor, I have learned a new style of teaching! 

     Another big change has been our Athletic events, [and having no PIT.]  This has been a giant slice of sad for me. I have missed planning themes, decorating the PIT, having fundraisers, especially for pink week, and just seeing kids being involved, supportive and hyped! I know that the teams have really missed having the PIT too.

     And to end this, “What did I miss the most?” I have missed you!

     The high school students! The kids that bring the intelligence, the fashion, the fun, the excitement, the drama, the social media, the personality, the caring and the best smiles ever!

     I want you back, we all want you back! So let’s make this WC’S greatest comeback of all time! COVID can’t stop a Warrior! We’ve got this!

Stay Safe Warriors!

Ms. Handy!