Spring season is finally here and everyone is ready to see their favorite sports back in action. The boys track team has been putting in consistent effort for a while now to prepare for this season and are hoping to see it pay off.

     “We never really stopped training last March to now and losing out on something that we cared about kind of gave us that much more focus on what really is important to us,” head coach William Smith said. 

     With COVID-19 coming in right around the time they were supposed to start last year, it caused a little bit of a setback. However, all the hard work they were putting in pre-season never stopped and they continued to push themselves and train all the way up to the start of this 2021 season.

     “Transportation to practice so far has been the biggest obstacle we have due to our school schedule and as an indirect cause from this we have the fewest freshmen on the team during my 20 years here,” Smith said.

     Another big issue COVID-19 is causing is making it harder on students and parents for transport. With most people not having a set schedule or one that does not really conform to their original schedule, it's hard to tell if or when they will have a ride. 

     “In the words of Hall of fame Coach Mcnulty (1993-2012) It's the little things that separate good from great, don't talk about being great, shut up and go be great every day, every rep, every practice, every meet, every race,” Smith said.

     The team is being led with passion and on Mar. 16, everyone could see how it's paying off at their first meet against Mount Vernon.