Netflix released a documentary on the origin of the great rapper “Notorious BIG.” The purpose of the documentary is to inspire rappers to leave a positive legacy behind.

     The documentary starts with explaining his childhood. Christopher Wallace was born May 21,1972 in Brooklyn, New York by a single mother. Since he was born, both his mother and grandmother knew that he was special because he was very open minded. His mother was born in Jamaica, so she would take him on trips there every chance she had. Biggie loved being there because the people there spoiled him. As a result of being treated like royalty, he was loving, kind, genuine, and determined to be successful in life.

     Biggie grew up on Saint James between Fulton and Gates with his friends. Drug use was rising in the streets at that time, so he and his friends frequently saw people sitting on the corner strung out on drugs. Having to see this all the time scared Big and his friends.

     In 1984, Biggie was 12. He listened to rappers like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and LLCoolJ, all of whom inspired him to rap. Starting in elementary school, Biggie wrote raps and had rhyme books. When he started to consider rapping, he met with his friends and started practicing routines. When he was at home, Big would sit in his room and make beats to rap to using objects around the house.

     As a teenager, he started dealing drugs with his friends to make money. After Biggie’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, he started hustling even harder in the streets of Brooklyn.

     Although he sold drugs, he still focused on the positive things in his life. He knew how skilled he was at rapping and how intelligent he was. Biggie knew what he wanted and was not going to let anything he was going through stop him from achieving his goals. In an effort to focus on rap, he stopped selling drugs for a short period of time.

     But when his friend’s studio equipment got old, it became difficult for Biggie to use it to record songs and make a living from rapping. Biggie started selling drugs again in order to be able to feed his family. His friends and family loved him and respected his grinding mindset.

     While he was enjoying his life, unfortunately, Biggie was murdered in a drive-by shooting on March 19, 1997, when he was only 24 years old.

     Biggie has left a mark on the world through his music. In his first album, “Ready to Die,” Biggie expressed his mental pain from the conflicts he experienced. After recording the album, he clarified that he was not ready to die, but the music was just an extension of how he felt. His second album, “Life after Death,” was released shortly after his murder. In the album, he collaborated with rappers like Jay-Z, Lil Kim, Bone Thugs n Harmony, R. Kelly, and Puff Daddy, and many more. The album starts off where the “Ready to Die” ended and was nominated for Best Rap Album and Best Solo Performance.

     Biggie has touched the world tremendously with his music and charismatic aura.

     His upbringing inspired him to grind throughout and shaped his life. He went from dealing drugs to becoming one of the world's best lyrical rappers. This documentary receives a 10/10 for its devotion to bring light to Biggie’s name and its great production. This documentary is available on Netflix.