The “Terminator” series is one of the most renowned film series, known for Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role of the time-traveling, robotic assassin and it’s iconic CGI.

     There are multitudes of games revolving around The “Terminator” series, but one of them stands out from the rest. “Terminator: Resistance” is a game revolving around time travel and paradoxes. The game begins with some lore, telling the iconic story of the Terminator.

     This paradox-lined story takes place 30 years after judgement day, with the players looking through the eyes of Jacob Rivers, a survivor of judgement day and a member of John Conner’s resistance. The game’s first objective is to find a scientist, but then, later in the game, changes to Rivers and the resistance destroys Skynet’s computer core and time displacement equipment, the equipment that the “Terminator” models use to travel back through time and kill past resistance members so the resistance dwindles.

     Throughout the game, players are able to talk with other survivors, scavengers, and tech-com soldiers, making 20 side missions for the entire game. At the end of the game, the player has to make a very crucial choice: travel backwards through time to protect River’s younger self from a T-800 or let the T-800 kill Past Rivers and watch as he fades from time with a new protector taking up where he started with an epilogue then plays of every choice they made throughout the entire game.

     As many “Terminator” fans know, T-800’s and practically every Skynet made machine is bulletproof, so the best way to take it down is with weapons of high caliber, and luckily the game provides the player with every weapon they will need, from plasma rifles to AK’s at the players disposal.

     As of latest news, the game got itself an update, which is titled “Infiltrator Mode.” In Infiltrator Mode, the player slips into the metallic endo-skeleton and takes the role of a T-800 whose mission is to locate and terminate a Tech-Com Field Commander. As a T-800, the player will be able to use “Terminator Vision” which allows the players to have control over the battlefield by use of threat assessment and background data, use weapons the Terminators used in the movies, and be an indestructible being of pure chaos.

     All together, the game is an amazing representation of The Terminator movie series at it’s finest, from the 1080p HD graphics, to the soundtrack and music, like “Terminator Arrival.” The game has already been released for the Xbox 1 on January 7, 2020, with a Window version already released on November 16, 2019. The game has now expanded to include the Playstation 5 console to its playability range, releasing March 26.