THUMBS UP TO Block Party, an app that is aimed at stopping social media harassment and giving people the opportunity to feel safe on platforms when being harassed. This helps with issues such as stalking and stolen identity. 

THUMBS UP TO  ferrets being cloned due to being deemed endangered. The process has been successful and there are now hundreds of them alive and well.   

THUMBS UP TO teachers having the ability to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This will allow teachers and students to go back to school full time more safely. 

THUMBS DOWN TO School districts hiring companies to monitor students online. Although they are aiming to flag those struggling with mental health issues and harmful behavior, this causes privacy concerns and students may not feel safe.

THUMBS DOWN TO  Governor Gregg Abbott issuing an executive order to lift the mask mandate in Texas, increasing the capacity of all businesses and facilities. This means Texas will be opening up 100 percent.

THUMBS DOWN TO The rise in hate crimes against Asian-American and Pacific Islander citizens in the United States. On March 16, eight people were killed in a spa, where a majority of the victims were part of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community.

THUMBS DOWN TO the shooting in Boulder, Colorado, which caused 10 fatalities, including one police officer. The shooter, Ahmed Al Aliwi Alissa, is facing 10 counts of first degree murder.