Last Friday, the Warren Central football team manhandled North Central. In a game that seemed lopsided, the Warriors were happy to get a good win after a close game the week before.

     “I think the team did way better than what we've done against Center Grove because we all came together and recognized that we all had a role to play and put the team before ourselves,” senior wide receiver Ezra Baker said.

     The team was excited because after they piled on the points against the Panthers, the younger players got their chance to shine.

     “My favorite part about the North Central game was after we secured the win, we got to see underclassmen get in and showcase their talents and put points up on the board too,” Baker said.

     The Warriors won the game with a final score of 42-0. Quarterback Prince Powell led the way with 90 passing yards and 35 rushing yards. The team is coming out of this game with a very positive mindset and bigger goals.

     “One goal I have for our team in the future is to beat Center Grove in regionals and win a state championship title,” Baker said. 

     The team makes sure to have fun while also trying their best to win the game.

     “My favorite part about the North Central game [was] when the game ended and everybody was happy,” junior wide receiver Joe Walker said.

     The team makes sure to prepare thoroughly for these games, because they play big teams that are cause for major preparation.

     “Ate, prayed, listened to music, [and] watched videos over the other team,” head coach Mike Kirschner said.

     Going forward, the Warriors hope to continue their success in conference play and beyond into the postseason.

     “Going to the state championship, that’s everybody’s goal, just going to the state championship,” junior defensive tackle Daniel Gray said.