The Warren Central girls swimming team is off to a strong start this season, winning five of their first six dual meets. The girls believe that they have a lot more to accomplish, though.

     “The girls have had a fantastic start to the season. Much better than I was expecting,” Coach John Sincroft said.

     The team has very high goals for this season, including going far in both the county and state tournaments. The swimmers believe that they have the necessary skills to achieve success.  

     “We plan to achieve these goals through hard work and training. We have also been focusing a great deal on the little things in races, such as turns and push offs,” freshman Riley Bryk said.

     The team thinks that they are very deserving of their success due to the hard work and dedication that they have put in each and every day.

     “Every single day we’re getting better, and all of our hard work is beginning to pay off,” sophomore Therese Dao said.

     The Lady Warriors competed against Brebeuf Jesuit at home on Nov. 29 and managed to win a tough fought meet, 103-77. They also competed at the Cardinal Classic on Dec. 1 and managed to place second.

     “There was a lot of energy at that meet, which helped us persevere despite the length of the meet. The experience was definitely better than I had imagined,” Bryk said.

     The girls have improved greatly since the beginning of the season and know they have what it takes in order to be a top team.

     “Since the start of the season, the team has gotten more confident in all of our swims and we're now more persistent and focused,” senior Rayna Goodin said.

     The swimmers are keeping a very positive outlook on the season but understand they need to keep focused and keep working in order to get where they wish to be.  

     “The atmosphere is very competitive but focused. We all want to be the best, so we push each other in practice,” Bryk said. “However, we do not let that get in the way of our technique. We are always doing our best to one day be the best.”

     This is one of the best starts the team has had in years, already racking up more wins than the total number of wins last year.

     “Out of all my 4 years in high school swimming, this year's team is the strongest I've been part of. We're all very supportive of each other, even on bad days and through sickness,” said Goodin.