Entrepreneurs in the Making

Kamryn Townsend

What is your talent?

         My talent is creating my own projects. I specifically like Do it Yourself Projects (DIY) and one of those include using FDA approved ingredients from a cosmetic vendor to make my own lip gloss.

What inspired you to start?

         I spent money on overpriced lip gloss, so I decided to do research on how I could make my own. I realized that I could make my own lip gloss, save money and make my own money.

How do you juggle your business with school and your clubs? 

       I make room in my schedule based on priorities. Whenever I have free time, I do a mass production of lip gloss. Luckily, school and work activities leave me with enough free time to create my product.

What are your plans for the future?

         In the future, I want to create a new product. I am not sure what it will be, but I will brainstorm ideas over time.

What are your future plans for your lip gloss business?

         To continue, I plan on coming up with new ideas for the flavors and colors of the gloss. I also want to add other accessories and cosmetics to my business so that I can continue to appeal to my customers.

What motivates you to continue your business and does it help you jump-start your pharmacy career? 

The experimental concept of pharmacy helps me learn to be patient when measuring and mixing products and the thought of building my own brand and being able to share my talent which also motivates me. 

De’Ante Parrish 

       What was the reason for starting your Youtube channel? 

         I started my YouTube channel to help people get a unique hairstyle called “360 Waves.”

What motivates you to continue to create videos?

         What motivates me to continue making videos is all of the love and support that I get from the people who watch my videos. Every comment and every like I take personally and it means a lot to know that someone takes time out of their day to view my videos like, comment and subscribe.

What inspires you to keep making videos?

         My support base is mainly African American males aged as young as 8 years to their 30’s. I feel the way that I carry myself is very important and I do so in a professional yet entertaining way because I understand that my actions can affect the way some children choose to live their lives whether good or bad. With my hair tutorials, I am promoting Black culture and teaching other men how to groom and style their hair in a clean and fashionable way. I also feel as I am making a impact on uplifting my race.

What are some of the opportunities YouTube has opened up for you? 

YouTube has opened my eyes to the world of video editing which I’ve come to love. I aspire, in the future, to branch out into the film industry. With my platform now, I will continue to create quality content and also build my voice up to make a difference on the world. YouTube is more than a website that holds thousands of videos, but it is also a platform for many to express themselves in their own unique way. 

Malia Guy 

What are you doing to pursue your career in music?

         I'm very serious about my music, so I'm going to continue to grow a fan base as I prepare to release an album this summer. To be great or a master of anything you have to study it, practice it and have the passion for it. Music is definitely my passion and so I'm going to take it to the sky and even further. It's my plan A,B,C and D.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

         I'm involved in the gospel choir after school with Ms. Bolden, the biology teacher. I grew up in church, so Gospel is second nature to me. When I heard about it on the announcements, I went for it!

What accomplishments have you gained from your music?

      Accomplishments I've gained from my music is just building a name for myself. This past summer, I was in so many talent shows, traveling to Mississippi, Chicago and Michigan for talent showcasing opportunities. I've come in first place in most talent shows that I've done, which has led to receiving medals and certificates.

What are your future plans to help your success grow? 

My future plans to help my success grow is putting more content out to the public and getting them familiar with my face. I started this thing called Freestyle Fridays. I'll be posting new rap videos every Friday so that I can stay active with the people who support me, gain new fans and stay productive.