An Eggcellent Experience

The Wild Egg is a breakfast and brunch restaurant with a menu based around items with eggs in the recipe. The Wild Egg is a relatively new chain of restaurants, with a little over a dozen restaurants located across the Midwest, each serving a wide array of meals. Since opening in 2016 the Wild Egg has become a personal favorite restaurant. This restaurant has a lot to offer with its charming decor, excellent staff and delicious food.

When entering the restaurant, it is immediately noticeable that the restaurant is going for a charming yet modern style. The decor is minimalist and modern, featuring a color scheme of beiges and yellows, with pops of blue, making the restaurant feel modern but still inviting. The walls are filled with artistic paintings and photographs of eggs. The glass cases that fill the walls are stacked with blue and yellow fake eggs. The decor of the restaurant truly shows off that it is an egg based restaurant.

Even after many trips to the Wild Egg, I have never had a bad experience when it came to the staff. The staff is always extremely nice and patient. Upon entering the restaurant, there is a desk where a waitress greets the customers. If there are seats available,  the customers will be taken to be seated, but if not, the customers can wait on the couches and seats near the desk. As customers wait, they can enjoy a cup of complementary coffee. Once seated, customers receive glasses of water and menus. All of the waiters and waitresses are friendly, helpful and attentive, ready to help customers if they have questions.

Even though the food at the Wild Egg mostly all contain eggs with few exceptions, there is still quite a variety of food. The menu contains a variety of items from pancakes, waffles and french toast to cinnamon rolls, crepes, omelets and skillets. There is a lot of different food to choose from. There are even gluten free items such as the breakfast nachos and various types of frittatas. There are also a few eggless items as well, although not many, including granola and oatmeal.

The portions served in each meal is fairly sizable, often leaving leftovers to be taken home. Depending on the meal, the food may come with a choosable side of bacon, sausage, a muffin, toast, fruit or a multitude of other sides.

The food is always delicious, with a personal favorite being the Buffalo Chicken Omelet-- a fluffy omelet stuffed with chicken, cream cheese and a spicy buffalo sauce. This omelet comes with a side and either a blueberry or breakfast muffin. Other great items have been the cinnamon roll, which come in a large skillet like bowl and is covered with sweet icing. The Strawberry Tall Cakes are also great, with the buttermilk pancakes being sweet, fluffy and topped with strawberries.

Overall, this restaurant has a variety of food, perfect for anyone who is a fan of eggs or breakfast foods in general. With charming decorations and a modern feel, the restaurant creates an inviting atmosphere. The staff is always polite and ready to help if needed. Along with this, the food served is amazing and there are many options to choose from. This restaurant is located in downtown Indianapolis on 314 N Delaware Street, with other locations in Carmel, Fishers, and Jeffersonville. The Wild Egg is a perfect restaurant for anyone looking for a charming breakfast restaurant with great food and staff.