Loudmouths is an amazing podcast in which YouTubers Kwite, FPS Diesel and WildSpartanz talk about a variety of topics and events going on in the world as well as in the YouTube community, with topics ranging from lighter subjects such as the recent Super Smash Brothers Ultimate release to more serious ones such as Defy Media stealing 1.7 million dollars from The Game Theorists. Loudmouths is worth a listen because of its humor and variety.

     One of the best parts of the podcast is the comedy that the hosts bring. Working together, the three hosts are really funny, making jokes about multiple topics including, but not limited to, stealing memes, Fortnite and Jake Paulers.

     These jokes vary in terms of how offensive they come off and is up to the listener’s discretion if their use of satire humor is funny or not.

     Although the hosts bring plenty of comedy to the show, they keep their content interesting by inviting guests, which add variety to the podcast. They have hosted the show along with fellow Youtubers such as Pyrocynical, Bluesdank, King Ani and Slazo. Each of these guests have brought something unique to the show such as their stories of how they started their channels and their opinions.

     Overall, Loudmouths is different compared to others in its genre. Loudmouths offers listeners an organic experience because of its raw humor and variety. 

     Loudmouths earns 3/5 stars and is recommended for anyone who likes to laugh or who enjoys listening to varied content.

     The podcast, which started just under a year ago in May of 2018, is still going strong with new podcasts being posted every Saturday. To listen to the Loudmouths podcast, go to YouTube, iTunes or SoundCloud.