“Bird Box” is a Netflix Original based on the novel of the same title by Josh Malerman. The movie follows a young woman named Malorie Hayes, who has recently discovered she is pregnant. When her sister comes to visit, she informs Malorie of a panic overseas. An airborne disease is making people commit mass suicide and is infecting thousands. As they return home from a doctors appointment, the sisters find that the city is slowly falling into chaos. Malorie learns that it is not a disease, but an invisible creature that shows people their worst fears. Malorie’s sister sees the creature and forces them into a car accident. A man named Thomas finds Malorie and helps her into a house where there are a group of survivors. Malorie has to entrust her and her baby’s life in the hands of complete strangers as they try to avoid a monster they can not see.

     This Netflix Original stands out from other thrillers and dramas by changing the dynamics of the character stereotypes and the plot itself. When another pregnant survivor, Olympia, joins the group Malorie, despite playing the role of the hardened survivor, she is kind to Olympia. Normally, the stereotype would have made Malorie rude and unkind to anyone who shows a sign of weakness, but Malorie is kind to those who need extra help and wants to try and save everyone, no matter what they are like.

     It is these characters who Malorie tries to save that really make this movie stand out. There is a diverse set of characters, ranging from young to old that come from many different types of backgrounds. One of the characters that stands out the most is Malorie’s close friend Thomas. He is the leader of their survival group and believes that everyone has a chance to live, so he tries to keep everyone hopeful. Unlike the typical leader who would be pushing the rest of the survivors to fight, Thomas is kind and talks to them when other members are struggling to go on.

     The different characters make the already amazing plot all the more interesting. The plot is suspenseful, leaving viewers to wonder how Malorie will be able to escape the invisible monster that haunts her and her friends. They are constantly struggling to find a way to not detect a monster that cannot be seen. That is when Malorie finds that birds and other animals can look at the creature with no effects. Malorie takes the bird and carries them with her to help detect when the monster is near. Another solution they come up with is to wear blindfolds anytime they are outside. This creates intense scenes throughout the film, when the point of view is switched to Malorie’s and the viewer gets to feel the same helplessness that Malorie does.

    Sandra Bullock does a phenomenal job portraying Malorie. She presents Malorie’s conflicting views on survival well, while also portraying her as a caring mother who is determined to keep herself and her children alive. The actors Julian Edwards and Vivien Lyra Blair did a wonderful job as playing Boy and Girl, Malorie’s two children. Despite being so young, the actors gave an emotional performance that fit each of their respective characters. Another wonderful actor is Tom Hollander who plays Gary, a mysterious visitor who shows up at the group’s home after he claims his own group was attacked. Hollander portrays a complex character with a horrible set of morals. The acting he does in this movie is beyond words, as he convinces the viewer that he is someone to be trusted, a reliable companion that is going to help Malorie and her friends, before revealing his true nature.

    “Bird Box” is an amazing film with a great set of actors. Sandra Bullock does a phenomenal job portraying her character Malorie. As she acts, she makes the intricate and dramatic story unfold that captures the viewer. The characters are easily identifiable and those watching can relate to their day to day struggles as they try to survive. “Bird Box” is available on Netflix for anyone with a membership to watch. Anyone who is a fan of thrillers and dramas will love this hit movie “Bird Box.”