Culinary Students Take Home Second

     On March 8, Warren Central Pro Start Culinary competed in their state competition at the Horizon Convention Center in Muncie, winning second place.

     “It felt amazing, and I’m so proud of my team for being able to accomplish this,” junior Xavier Canning said.

     At the competition, the team won best knife skills in the Family Careers and Community Leaders of America conference and silver in the Pro Start conference. Leading up to this competition, the Pro Start Culinary students practiced every Thursday after school to make sure they performed to the best of their abilities during the state competition. At the competition, a team of student chefs prepared an entree, dessert and appetizer without using electrical equipment such as blenders, ovens or mixers.

     “I felt that we were well prepared for the competition as we had been practicing for months prior to it. We all had confidence in ourselves and each other that we could succeed. We worked hard and fought until the very end,” junior Kiaora Muhammad said. “This taught me how to time manage well, how to take constructive criticism and how to work hard under pressure.”

     Pro Start Culinary prepares students interested in the food service industry for future opportunities by providing them with insight of gourmet dining in the culinary world. It is a program sponsored by the National Restaurant Association that is available in the Walker Career Center.

     “The attention to detail, time management skills, communication skills and dedication to their team and plates truly pushes the students to a different level than what they receive in class during a normal school day,” Pro Start sponsor Andrea Yount said. “Beyond all of these great things, they get the opportunity to network with other students from across the state who have the same passion and drive as they do for culinary.”

     Once in the program, students are able to earn scholarships, mentorships and job opportunities in this field of work. The program also works close with the Marriott, even having some Warren Central students working there now.

     “My future passion is to open my own restaurant one day and having this program at this school is an amazing opportunity that people don't know about,” Muhammad said.