Letter From A Leader

     There is no problem, no issue, no looming presence that cannot be solved with human drive and intuition. We fail, we study, we adapt and we overcome. I have no sympathy for those who wallow in expired adversity.

     There seems to be a common consensus infecting our minds that we are only as good as the challenges we’ve faced, so we fight tooth and nail for the last scrap of pity- all for some sense of self-validation. However, there is no emotion strong enough to truly express my disdain for such an ideal. Because, in the world that we’re all fighting so hard to be a part of, our past is irrelevant.

     What we’ve been through doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is our ability to push forward, despite whatever baggage we may carry. What does matter is who we have become, and how we plan to better ourselves. What does matter is how we plan to be the example for tomorrow's youth to be a better us. For the youth who will become is immeasurable. It is the perfect idol that rests within our own willingness to take initiative and bring it to fruition. For initiative is the strongest tool that we have within our grasp, it is the only tool that no man, no environment or society can steal from us.

     As long as we can breathe, we can do anything, be anyone and live anyway we see fit to better ourselves and our lives. Whether it be through community, or through self-indulgence, it does not matter. All that matters is that we refuse to sit idly, grappling with the sorrow of yesterday and use the time we have to better this world tomorrow.

     Now, I am not saying that initiative comes easy, far from it. The thought of putting one’s self out there in the open where one cannot see the outcome, to willingly thrust yourself into a situation where you put yourself on the line goes against every shred of human ambition. It is quite daunting to do so by yourself, but if you truly want something, anything, then you will not let anything stand in your way. Because if you do not make your wishes a reality, who will? If not now, than when?

     If you choose to back down, despite every sense of your passion driving you forward, than what will you do when those who took action lead in your place? We must rise, not because we do not have a choice, but because we all have a dream.